Precautions to Take while Buying Gold Jewellery

Indians have flair towards jewellery and we tend to invest in it on all important
occasions like weddings, festivals, Akshay Tritia etc. As it is a costly investment, we
need to be cautious while buying it.

There are few things we should always keep in
mind while buying jewellery, which can make it a happy investment as we will never
regret it in future.
1. Check for Five Signs: Always go for Hallmarked gold Jewellery. It is a sign of
purity and quality. The five signs, which make it hallmarked, are:
• BIS logo
• Carat [23ct-956, 22ct-916,18ct- 750]
• Logo of hallmarking centre
• Logo of Jeweller
• Manufacturing year of gold jewellery
2. Price: As pure gold is too soft to make jewellery, it is mixed with different
metals. The price of gold depends upon the alloy mixed and the amount of gold
used. Other than that, there are making charges, which include labour and skill
charges. Nowadays, even the local jewellers keep hallmarked jewellery, but the
making charges of local and that of branded stores vary drastically. The better the
design more are the making charges. Also, more intricate the design more is the
labour involved and hence more are the charges.
3. Always Take Retail Invoice. It is that receipt of paper, which has clear break-
up of the actual price of gold on that particular day, the actual weight of gold used,
BIS hallmarking licence number and the making charges.
4. K.D.M jewellery: If you are going for K.D.M jewellery then you should be aware
of the fact that K.D.M jewellery is always 4-5 carats lower than the carats mentioned
on it. In case of doubt, go to the nearest testing centre and get it checked before
5. Stone Studded Jewellery: If you are going for jewellery, which has precious or
semi-precious stones studded, then the total weight of jewellery is what you can see.
The jeweller gives you the breakup of stones and gold but there is no way that you
can ascertain what the jeweller is saying is true. You have to take his words for that.
All you can do is to take such pieces from a trusted jeweller.
Keeping these precautions while buying will help you enjoy your purchase for years
to come.

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